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Cecil the Fabled Lion

Cecil the lion, one of the most iconic creatures of Zimbabwe’s national parks, has been killed by trophy hunters, creating an international outcry in the press as well as in social media (for an overview see e. g. this page) … Continue reading

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Four-legged snake 1 – Latin 0

News just broke about a sensational discovery: a four-legged ancestral snake. Truly fascinating stuff. Its name? Tetrapodophis amplectus, apparently. τέτταρες (tettares) ~ “4”. πούς (pous) ~ “foot”. ὄφις (ophis) ~ “snake”. But … what exactly is amplectus supposed to mean? … Continue reading

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Interpreting the Interpreter’s Poem

Some time ago, I published a little piece about the idea that the etymology of a name should reveal something about the character of a person – nomen est omen – as reflected in the Latin inscriptions. One piece that … Continue reading

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Vergil and the Minions (and a Blatantly False Translation)

UNCOVERED: the earliest attestation of  ‘Minions’ as followers of the mighty seeking to follow a boss and to lay waste to the establishment in Vergil‘s Aeneid (10.182–4, translation from here [slightly altered]; summary overview of the context available here). ter … Continue reading

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Two Latin Poems (and an English one) from Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

If someone were to ask of me some of my most favourite places in the world, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh would most definitely feature on that list. Last weekend, enjoying another delightful day in Edinburgh, I ventured to explore one of … Continue reading

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Undying Voices: The Poetry of Roman Britain

Britain has produced some of the world’s most highly renowned, influential, and beautiful poetry – Geoffrey Chaucer, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Shakespeare,  John Milton, Robert Burns, the Brontë sisters, Lewis Carroll, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to name but a select few! … Continue reading

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