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Happy New Year, Roman Style: Time to Get Baking!

I am working, rather dilatorily, on a substantial paper on ‘fringe epigraphy’– inscriptions at the margins of what epigraphists tend to be interested in. This paper matters a great deal to me, for I believe that the Romans inhabited a … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings

There is no denying it: the festive season is upon us. Could I give my readership a more appropriate present than the text and my translation of two Latin verse inscriptions from the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem – … Continue reading

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Pope Damasus on Torture

Pope Damasus I (b. 305-ish, d. 385) was keen to promote veneration for the martyrs of the early Christian church. In order to achieve this he, among other things, composed epigrams, e. g. to decorate the burial spots of those … Continue reading

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CIL VI 12194 (Re-)Discovered in the Villa Wolkonsky

This week saw the opening of an archaeological exhibition in the Villa Wolkonsky, home of the British ambassador to Italy in Rome. News reports covered the (re-)emergence of hundreds of marble artefacts in the wake of the ambassador’s wife’s efforts … Continue reading

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Hadrian’s Wall Rocks!

Last weekend I was hunting inscriptions near Hadrian’s Wall. In particular, I was keen to see a number of Carmina Latina Epigraphica in Carlisle’s magnificent Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery – if you have never been, do go and … Continue reading

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Sick Of It All

Recent days saw a great number of reports, analyses, and comments on the death of Stefan Grimm, late professor of toxicology at Imperial College, London. Several of these items contained copies of emails that (allegedly) were sent in the context … Continue reading

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