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Hadrian’s Wall Rocks!

Last weekend I was hunting inscriptions near Hadrian’s Wall. In particular, I was keen to see a number of Carmina Latina Epigraphica in Carlisle’s magnificent Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery – if you have never been, do go and … Continue reading

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Sorting Out Pompeii

Reports on the crumbling state of the Campanian excavation site of Pompeii – incidentally a UNESCO heritage site as well– come up every few months: they tend to point out that, following a period of bad weather, some structure collapsed … Continue reading

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Hot Air and Sage Advice, or: Human, All Too Human (A Blog Post for Free Thinkers)

There has been a remarkable wave of outputs recently, traditional and web-based, that conceptualised the wish to find ancient Roman fore-runners of the walls of social media, counterparts for toilet graffiti and related witticisms, or at least some proto-memes by … Continue reading

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