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Sweet Talk for Latin Lovers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, any respectable Latin lover will, of course, be keen to brush up on their relevant sweet talking skills. Here are are some lines you may wish to rehearse for your Latin wooing and … Continue reading

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Operation Mos Maiorum, Or: Ve Hav Vays … (Of Our Ancestors, That Is)

On Monday, 13 October, an EU-wide joint police operation will commence. It will last for two weeks, and its purpose is to target undocumented immigrants to the EU, to investigate their routes into the EU, and to crack down on … Continue reading

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The Divine Riches of the Latin Language

My son’s interest in the Latin language, fuelled by his engaging Latin teacher, remains unbroken. Recently, for example, he wished to discuss the authenticity of some volumes of John Maddox Roberts‘s beautifully entertaining SPQR series with me (to a depth … Continue reading

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Mortifying Teachers

Traumatic, unbearable experiences that seem to shatter our grasp of reality trigger a simple coping mechanism: when one encounters something that seems to come close to our wildest nightmares in real life, one is inclined to narrativise, to fictionalise – … Continue reading

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Plautus on Immigration and Domestic Policy

The Roman playwright Titus Maccius Plautus (254-184 BC) wrote a play called Mostellaria (‘The Spectre’ or ‘The Haunted House’). In the second scene of the play, Philolaches, a young man who enjoys life rather more than he should while his … Continue reading

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Latin Greeting Rituals: ‘How are you’ vs. ‘Hope you’re well’

My son has an excellent, inspirational Latin teacher. Two months of Latin at school, and he has already written his first little (as in: six-act) play – called Quintus et Flavia – entirely in Latin. If only I could acquire … Continue reading

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Can we mend broken hearts?

Originally published on the University of Reading’s The Forum blog: The fence around the University of Reading’s Humanities and Social Science (HumSS) Building is currently decorated with images and captions illustrating Reading’s desire to be ‘asking big questions.’ One of … Continue reading

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