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False Etymologies

With a little (and really only just a little) too much time on my hands, I recently thought: why not enter terms that are on my mind a lot as search strings into the Packhum Latin database and see what … Continue reading

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And the Owl doesn’t care…

The internet is a strange place – full of the most wondrous things and inspiration. Over the last year, I have published a number of blog posts to do with (mostly poetic) memorials for dogs in the Roman world – … Continue reading

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Four-legged snake 1 – Latin 0

News just broke about a sensational discovery: a four-legged ancestral snake. Truly fascinating stuff. Its name? Tetrapodophis amplectus, apparently. τέτταρες (tettares) ~ “4”. πούς (pous) ~ “foot”. ὄφις (ophis) ~ “snake”. But … what exactly is amplectus supposed to mean? … Continue reading

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Pompeiis Everywhere!

rrAn (admittedly spectacular) archaeological excavation in County Durham is the most recent addition to excavation sites that have been proclaimed ‘the Pompeii of . . .‘ As I begin to lose track of the many Pompeiis that there are out … Continue reading

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From Pompeii, With Love

Exeter is a place that inspires me to talk about nonsense emerging from Pompeii. Seven or so years ago, I applied for a lectureship at the University of Exeter. For my presentation, I chose to talk about my initial observations … Continue reading

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