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Beware the Ides of March

Helvius Cinna, now virtually unknown to the wider public, once was one of Rome’s finest, most talented, highly acclaimed poets – a proponent of the progressive artistic movement of the neoterics. Catullus, his (nowadays) rather more famous contemporary and fellow … Continue reading

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Late Homework: Seamus Heaney’s Aeneid, Book VI

The younger Seneca, in his Consolatio ad Polybium, praises Polybius for his translations of the classics: a Latin translation of Homer and a Greek translation of Vergil. Seneca writes (11.5-6): Agedum illa, quae multo ingenii tui labore celebrata sunt, in … Continue reading

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Seneca on Gender Equality

It is a common trope in present-day discourse that feminism and the enforcement of gender equality are destroying the very foundations of our societies and ultimately ruining everything for us, to the detriment of those who seek equality in the … Continue reading

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