End Violence against Women!

November 25th has been declared the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

My colleagues at the EAGLE Europeana project have decided to mark the occasion with a reference to the funerary inscription of Prima Florentia, who died when her husband tossed her into the Tiber (AE 1987.177k).

I, too, would like to support this cause on my blog.

I therefore choose the following text from Lyon (CIL XIII 2182 = ILS 8512 = AE 2011.758):

D(is) M(anibus)
et quieti aeternae
Iuliae Maianae femi-
nae sanctissimae manu
mariti crudelissim(i) inter-
fect(ae), quae ante obi(i)t quam fatum
dedit. cum quo vix(it) ann(os) XXVIII ex
quo liber(os) procreav(it) duos puerum
ann(orum) XVIIII puellam annor(um) XVIII.
o fides, o pietas! Iul(ius) Maior fra-
ter sorori dulciss(imae) et [Ing]enuinius
Ianuarius fil(ius) eius p(onendum) [c(uraverunt) et su]b a(scia) d(edicaverunt).

To the Spirits of the Departed and the eternal rest of Julia Maiana, a most saintly woman, who was killed at the hand of her most cruel husband.

She died before the time that fate had decreed. She lived with him for 28 years, and by him gave birth to two children, a boy aged 19 and a girl aged 18.

What an expression of faithfulness, what an expression of dutifulness!

Julius Maior, her brother,  took care of the erection of this memorial for his sweetest sister, as did Ingenuinius Ianuarius, her son, and they dedicated it (while it was still) under the adze.

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9 Responses to End Violence against Women!

  1. chattykerry says:

    You never cease to amaze me. What a perfect way to honor this lovely lady and remind us that domestic violence is not acceptable in any world.

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  2. Sad to think that not even the support of her family could save her. I imagine social pressures not to leave such a marriage would have been enormous. This is the daily reality that’s so often hidden away when we look at the past, and even now.

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  3. jimmyprime says:

    This is something we can avoid easily if we have good conscience. May their souls see peace with God. Amen

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  4. I was particularly struck by that ‘o fides, o pietas’ exclamation – praising her (I assume) for holding out so long in the interest of the family: endurance that killed her, clearly, and a scenario still all too common in abusive relationships. 😦


  5. Thank you so much, Kerry, I really appreciate your kind words. What strikes me in this case is that, at least for once, the cause of domestic violence is spelled out on a monument (even if the husband remains anonymous): a lasting reminder of what is, and what has been, very, VERY wrong in our societies over millennia.

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  6. alansheen786 says:

    It is really heartening to hear the story. If everyone is aware this will never happen again


  7. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


  8. Just 50 years ago here in Germany, women were even not allowed to open an own bank account when married – only the husband could do this. This is another form of violating human rights.

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