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Bringing the Roman world back to life, one lap-dog at a time!

Read an interview with María Limón, Xavier Espluga, and myself about this video here: http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/classics-at-reading/2021/04/30/what-can-a-dog-called-margarita-teach-us-about-ancient-rome-education-in-the-making/ I wrote about this inscription (and inscriptions for dogs) before – find out more here: The Master and Margarita The lapidary poetics of Roman domestic … Continue reading

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Shattered Foundations

The wanton destruction of historical artefacts and monuments in the museum of Mosul by supporters and fighters of Islamic State forces is a heartbreaking spectacle to behold: While we are quick (and right) to condemn these acts as crimes against … Continue reading

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